How Remote Software Engineers Can Network When Working From Home

This article will provide you with ways remote software engineers can network when working from home.

Remote software engineers rarely interact because they work from different regions. For instance, most remote African software engineers work for companies outside Africa. As a result, networking with fellow employees becomes almost impossible.

Working solo deprives you of creativity and abilities to socialize. When you interact with fellow-minded people, you gain more knowledge in your field and also share your nuggets of wisdom. As a remote developer, use the following tips to network from home.

Here are some ways that remote software engineers can network when working from home:

Use Social Media Networking.

Social media is the largest networking platform in today’s world. Millions of people communicate daily through social media sites. Since remote developers often stay at home, you can join groups to discuss and share knowledge.

You can use the following social media platforms.

  • Facebook. With over 2 billion users, you can join a group of like-minded developers and network.
  • LinkedIn is more professional, and you’ll likely meet your future employees there. You can join developer groups; they’re countless of them.
  • Twitter is a bit different. You can only follow your fellow software engineers and create a small community out of the over 300 million users.

Social media can be addictive. It can affect your productivity and performance levels. Use it sparingly when you’re not working.

Online Meetups

You can connect with fellow developers around your neighboring communities through Meetup. The online tool connects you to people with similar interests, such as:

  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Coding

Studies indicate that great things happen when like-minded people come together and share information. For instance, the wright brother came together as like-minded people, and it marked the invention of airplanes. Likewise, network with fellow network developers, and we might experience another social media platform.

You only need to join a group, and you’ll be able to chat and share knowledge with people around you. If you’re looking to try new and different things, like learning a new programming language, Meetup is an ideal place to find a study buddy.

Join a Developer Network

Communities are powerful; they share knowledge that isn’t accessible in books. To improve and succeed in your career as a software engineer, you need a support system. Having a mentor improves your odds of success in any field.

Online communities will help you connect or network with other developers. You might be losing a lot if you’re not in any online community. Some of the complex bugs you face every day have a solution. You need the right network.

Some developer networks include

  1. GitHub has more than 70 million users. You’re likely to learn topics and solutions that have been bothering you for a long time.
  2.  Stack Overflow is a community for any developer. Here, you get answers to some of the most challenging coding problems you’ve encountered. There are more than 18 million questions, and the chances of gaining immense knowledge are high. You can always give back to the community by sharing your knowledge on the platform.


Remote software engineers spend most of their time at home behind computer screens building apps and software. It’s a flexible job, but it might rob you of your social skills to interact. As a result, you should join groups where you can network remotely.

You can network with fellow remote developers through social media platforms, online meetups, or by joining a developer network. Choose an option that works for you and stick with it. Networking opens your creativity levels and new opportunities. Embrace it.