4 Tips To Spark Creativity of Your Remote Team

Unlike a physical team at the office that can meet for creativity briefings, remote teams are different.

Your remote team is confined at home and needs more opportunities to spark their creativity through interaction.

When your remote team is not creative, productivity and performance drop significantly.

As a business owner that operates remotely, you need an active and creative team.

Here are 4 tips to spark creativity of your remote team:

1. Conduct Regular Training Sessions

Training sessions boost your remote team’s creativity. The technology world constantly changes daily, and new inventions and tools are released daily.

For instance, ChatGPT is an AI tool capable of generating ideas and helping software developers solve complex bugs.

Your remote team might not be aware of all the new technologies released to make their work easier. It’s up to you to introduce tools and training sessions that will benefit your business.

2. Foster Collaboration Through the Right Tools

Tools are meant to make work easier.

Encourage your remote team to use technology tools to improve their creativity and performance.

Some tools to inspire creativity include:

Brainsparker: The tool improves your thinking pattern through random questions, images, or quotes.

Notability: The tool is ideal when writing down your ideas and thoughts. It syncs your saved ideas to the cloud, and you can access them anytime.

Curator: the tool does an excellent job of collecting and summarizing your concepts and ideas in one place.

There are hundreds of tools available online for inspiring creativity. Some are paid, while others are free.

Ensure your remote team can access them, as they will help their thought process and improve project execution time and success.

3. Conduct Informal Creative Sessions

Creative sessions are essential in any workplace. For employees who work in office set-ups, it’s easy to organize a small game or a picnic getaway.

What about remote teams? Can they take hours of flight to participate in creative office sessions?

When you want to inspire creativity for your remote team, there are several options you can consider, such as:

  •  Setting friendly challenges
  • Doing online tours of working stations
  • Playing online games such as skribbl.io or ice breaker

Depending on your schedule, you can conduct the creative sessions once or twice a week.

4. Communicate Regularly

 Effective communication is universal. It works in every sector, from education to business.

Keeping constant communication allows you to identify lag areas, such as performance, low morale, or a lack of creativity.

Communication plays a crucial role in inspiring creative thinking. Spark your remote team’s creativity through effective and regular communication.


Creativity is an asset to any employee. The situation is different for remote teams. They mostly work from their small office set-ups at home and have minimal to zero interactions to spark their creativity.

When handling a team of remote employees, be aware that working alone can deprive them of creativity. Some of the best ways to inspire their creativity include conducting regular training sessions, fostering collaboration through the right tools, conducting informal creative sessions.